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This is an effort tracking application designed for use by clinical trial organizations.
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It is a practical and meaningful tool that captures volume, time and intensity affecting workload issues in clinical research.
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Contact Information
Katherine Moynihan
UM Tech Transfer
1600 Huron Pkwy, 2nd Floor
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800
Tel: (734)763-0441
Technical & Demos:
Mathew Innes & David Browning
UM Cancer Center
North Campus Research Complex, Bldg 300.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800
Tel: (734)763-4073
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Effort tracking is vital to the smooth operation of any business, including academic and clinical research organizations. R.E.T.A. was born out of the necessity to accurately quantify the cost of research today and not base performance or staffing justifications on outdated metrics. For some universities, these measures of productivity may be required as a part of state or federal mandates. By making R.E.T.A. publicly available, we hope increased participation will provide institutional benchmarks which lead to the discovery of best practices to the benefit of all.
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  • Build accurate and quantifiable business model for clinical research programs.
  • Enhance budgeting
  • Improved contract negotiations
  • Quantify workload distribution and allocate clinical research staff more efficiently
  • Monitor effort consumption and assess productivity in real time.
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  • Simple interface and clear reports.
  • Reduced data entry with synchronization to a client's local CTMS through a web service.
  • Easy data comparison.
  • Customize workflow (role-based task lists)
  • Project effort management designed specifically around clinical research
  • Historical multi-institutional benchmarking (*report forthcoming)

RETA is developed and supported by the Clinical Trials Office at the University of Michigan
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